Kendra Sinclaire transgender escort

Transgender is the technical and preferred proper term for individuals who have been and are taking steps to change their gender identity from one sex to another. Typically these individuals have manifested an identity, either both mental and/or physical, which does not match the gender in which they were born. Although many transgender individuals may seek surgical procedures such as breast implants in the case of a male to female, top / masculinizing chest surgery in the case of a female to male, or sexual reassignment surgery (SRS); these procedures are not required in order to be considered transgender. Many transgender individuals opt to forego these types of surgeries as they can be expensive and complicated, possibly risky, possibly leave permanent scarring and/or damage, and in some cases are completely irreversible and can have a long lasting psychological impact. These are some of the reasons that surgical procedures for transgender individuals should be thought about thoroughly.

Changing ones look, lifestyle, and presentation in order to match that of the desired gender and not switching back and forth are enough to be considered transgender. In most cases, transgender individuals will also take regular doses of hormone replacement therapy prescription supplements to modify their body's chemistry in order to appear more feminine or masculine.

Transgender people generally prefer to be referred to as either female or male, woman or man, girl or boy, lady or gentleman; and do not switch back and forth between these gender identities. However, early transitioning individuals who are not yet fully comfortable in their new look and lifestyle may need to switch back and forth between the male and female identity because of their professional work or other societal reasons. These people should have it as a goal and be actively working on fully changing their gender identity in order to be considered transgender.

Some people may consider a fully transitioned person to be either "full-time female" or "full-time male;" meaning these individuals have gone through the "transition period" enough to now be comfortable representing themselves in their preferred identity all of the time. Although transgender people should always live in their new gender, it is not required to constantly feel extremely feminine or extremely masculine. Remember, even cisgender (straight, non-trans), individuals experience varying levels of masculinity, femininity, beauty, athleticism, and other defining masculine/feminine traits on a day-to-day basis. We are always experiencing different levels of comfort within our bodies and within our defining traits.

Kendra Sinclaire considers herself to be only a full-time female, woman, girl; and is transgender.